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A Snapshot of a Dreamer’s Life

Missionaries JumpingI am in a room of 40 people.

Dreamers. Visionaries. World-changers.

And I am blessed to be here.

Worship songs reverberate through the room. Praises are sung. Promises proclaimed.

This week, I'm participating in an event at our office called Searchlight.

We're helping illuminate the path for a generation — guiding them in the next steps of their journey and calling.

We are encouraging and challenging them. Equipping them. Sending them out.

We get to launch dreams and speak truth.

It's a beautiful thing.

* * *

A Brief Update

For those who don't know, my role at AIM has changed in the past few months.

I'm now overseeing the Kingdom Dreams, which is a new department at our ministry. The focus is to help connect short-term missions to long-term opportunities.

When people go on life-changing, paradigm-shifting mission trips, they need to know how to apply what they've experienced. They need to know what's the next step.

We help with that.

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