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Apple Friend Bar, Two Drill Bits, and How I Get Things Done

Here's my Monday morning rant coming straight to you from my couch (I stopped working at my desk two weeks ago because it got too messy).

I had a great, relaxing weekend, which included spending half of my Saturday cleaning our apartment. I can't believe that we have so much space and our stuff (clothes, books, mail, crafts, etc.) still seems to pile up.

I don't particularly care for cleaning (as much as I do having a clean living space), but it was nice to have the time to tidy our place up a bit. I'm also learning how to find the "spiritual" in seemingly un-spiritual practices.

Sunday, we hung out with our neighbors Mark and Diana, whom we have not seen in probably a month. We're tired of saying, "It's been too long!" I mean, they live a stone's throw away from us (literally, I've thrown rocks at their apartment).

We grilled hot dogs, ate various mayonaisse-based picnic concoctions (e.g. such-and-such "salad"), got ice cream cones, and went for a walk in a nearby park (to ease our gluttonous guilt).

This morning, I'm hitting the ground running. I had a fantastic mozzarella omelet, and I'm preparing for our upcoming marketing meetings with my new team next week. That means, plans and strategies and agendas need to be written by yours truly and pronto.

Of course, not before my morning coffee and a little blog-reading.

Here are a couple of links worth checking out:

"I'm Sorry, Did You Say Two Drill Bits?" – My new coworker Frank Burder wrote a post about his weekend adventure with the Nicaraguan health system that required him to pick up a few "small things" (like drill bits and antiseptic) for the doctors that were operating on his friend Juan. Whoa.

Action Method – My team started using the Action Method as our main task management and productivity tool. It's easier to navigate than Basecamp (minus some key features that others might consider important) and far more intuitive.

I find that the easy interface actually makes me want to use it more. In fact, I spent part of last night using it to plan out this week; I'm excited about getting things done. Maybe I'll even be able to return to my desk (shudder). If you're a creative or manage creatives, this is a great tool to consider.

Apple Help Bar – Thanks to Adam McLane for this one. Only you uber- and pseudo-geeks (like myself) will appreciate this one, especially if you're a Mac fanatic or can relate to the religious zealotry of Steve Jobs' disciples. I've embedded the video (courtesy of the Onion) below. It's pretty funny (and true).

Enjoy your week.