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Bad Reasons to Blog

There are plenty of good reasons to blog. However, there are also some bad reasons to start blogging or to continue blogging. They are:

  1. Bad Reasons to BlogYou want a platform… just to have a platform. (This is nothing but pure selfishness.)
  2. You're jealous of someone else's blog.
  3. You're reacting to someone without actually adding anything constructive to the conversation.
  4. Your mom never gave you enough attention.
  5. You're a "hater."
  6. You like to rant.
  7. You want to share your diary with the world. (A blog is not the same thing as a diary and for good reason. There is a fine line between transparency and stupidity in sharing personal information.)
  8. You're right, and everyone else is wrong. (At least, you seem to think so.)

What are some other bad reasons to blog?