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Become a Better Blogger in 12 Weeks

Become a Better BloggerWant to get better at blogging, but not sure where to start?

You should sign up for my free email course, called Intentional Blogging. It's twelve of the most important lessons on blogging that I've put together into an easy-to-read format, delivered to your inbox once a week.

Since joining staff with Adventures in Missions five years ago, I've gotten a lot of questions about blogging. This is my attempt at answering them at once.

This course will help you build a blog that makes a difference and allows you to connect with an audience in a more meaningful way.

Intentional Blogging will teach you the basics of online writing and help you get the attention you deserve. It covers everything from what type of blog you should have to networking with other bloggers and crafting compelling content.

Here’s what one student had to say about it:

This course takes you by the nervous hand and leads you through all the racket about platform and format and numbers, to a place where you remember why you wanted to write a blog in the first place. And when you leave, you feel better equipped to do so than you’d ever dreamed you might be.

Did I mention it was free and that you can opt out at any time? What are you waiting for?

Find out more and sign up today…