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Do Something Different

I'm going to make this simple (because it doesn't have to be complicated).

If you're dissatisfied with life, try doing something different.

If you don't want what you've always gotten, why would you keep doing what you've always done? Nothing irks me more than people who complain about their situation and then refuse to do anything about it.

This doesn't mean that some situations aren't simply tragic and that occasionally, life happens to us. But what do you lose by at least changing some things up?

It might not change anything circumstancial in your life, but I guarantee that it will change something — you.

So, do something different. Go for a walk, quit your job, run a marathon, write a book, eat something exotic, leave the country, learn to play the harmonica, read a book, start a fast, commit to a local church, laugh for no reason, ask that person out, get up early, go to bed late.

Do. Something. Different.

And see how you change in the process.

What do you have to lose?