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Featured on High Calling Blogs

It was an honor to be featured on the High Calling Blogs network this week with a handful of other talented writers. David Rupert shares the following about which pieces were chosen and why:

There’s a folder in my desk stuffed with letters – some 40 years old or more. Despite the passage of time, the handwritten swirls of ink from friends and family continue to inject wit, understanding and love. Within these folded pages are the annals of people who make an impact in my life.

In these days of e-mails, status updates and tweets, we have lost the meaning of the letter. The impersonal world of the instantaneous leaves us longing for something deeper, something with relationship.

Blogs are the closest thing we have to letters today.  Within them are unique perceptions, revelations of personalities and inspirational insights that we can read – and then reread, hopefully tucking them away in our hearts.

Around the High Calling Network last month were plenty of “keepers,” blog posts that keep on breathing…

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And here's the full list of authors and their blogs (including yours truly). Great list of bloggers — check 'em out: