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God Is a Dreamer

God is a dreamerMy role at AIM has changed a lot in the past two months (I'll share more about the specifics of that in another post).

In short, I've moved from the marketing team over to our innovation department to work on a new project called Kingdom Dreams, which is a new approach to helping people find their ministry calling. Here's a little bit about it:

Kingdom Dreams is the premier location to be inspired, equipped, and resourced to pursue one's God-given dreams and passions.  

Kingdom Dreams is the catalyst for the next generation of Christians focused on changing the world. It offers people the space, freedom, guidance, and confidence to dream and experiment, through the channel of meaningful personal connections.  

The basic premise is this: God loves dreams. And he loves to use his people to bring his will on earth. So, we want to find out what those dreams are, hidden in people's hearts, and bring them to fruition through connecting people, ideas, and opportunities.

On a technical level, we're offering coaching, curriculum, and community to anyone who has a dream (or a passion for dreaming).

We're only three weeks into this thing, and we're already seeing tremendous fruit.

Hundreds of dreamers and organizations have shown interest in being a part of Kingdom Dreams, and we're trying to keep up with how quickly God is moving through this initiative. And I want to invite you to be a part of it, as well.

A dream this big needs the help of the body of Christ.

Here are some ways to get involved:

1. Provide an opportunity: We want to provide our dreamers with a job, ministry, or volunteer opportunity that matches their passion. Let me know if you or your organization has an opportunity for passionate world changers.  

2. Help us network: Many dreamers need to serve under someone else's dream while they mature and grow.  Contact us if you can connect dreamers to a variety of opportunities

3. Become a coach: Dreamers need mentors and coaches. You have life experience and wisdom to share. Help walk someone down their unique path by becoming an advocate.

4. Spread the word: Do you believe in this vision of making God's dreams come true through connecting people with world-changing ideas? Share Kingdom Dreams with your friends, church, pastor, and other network by:

  • Reposting this post on your blog, or writing your own.
  • Talk about Kingdom Dreams on Twitter or post a link on Facebook. You can use the shortened URL . Here's an example that I just posted on Twitter (feel free to copy or retweet it):

Kingdom Dreams Tweet

5. Share your dream: Visit the Kingdom Dreams website, and tell us about your dream

As always, I appreciate your encouragement, prayer, and financial support. You can find out more about how to support me (I raise financial support to be a part of this) here, and if you're not already subscribing to this blog, you can do so by email here.

Let's build something great together.  

What's your dream? What would you need to make it happen now?