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Good Reasons to Blog

Earlier this week, I shared some bad reasons to blog. Some of you asked for some good reasons to blog (which was my intent all along). Here they are:

  1. Good Reasons to BlogPeople follow you (for some reason), and you take that seriously.
  2. You have something valuable to contribute to your "tribe."
  3. You have a good idea that needs some unpacking over time (e.g. Paul Martin's concept of "being ministry").
  4. You have a burning desire to connect with people.
  5. You genuinely want to make a difference.
  6. You're a good writer or want to become one.
  7. You have a gift for being transparent in a way that allows people to relate to you.
  8. You're humble.

Of course, there are plenty of other good reasons to blog.

What are yours?