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Help Get the Wrecked Manifesto Published

For awhile, I’ve wanted to write a manifesto for Wrecked for the Ordinary. Wrecked is a website that I helped start a couple years ago.
The main idea behind it was that there is a tribe of people out there who have been wrecked and ruined for ordinary living by a paradigm-shifting experience. It may have been serving lepers in India or serving AIDS patients in Africa. It may have been brushing up against the injustices of urban poverty in the United States or being disappointed by judgmental spirits within the church.
Whatever it was, the experience left you feeling different, like you didn’t have a place to fit in. We’ve tried to make Wrecked that community where misfits have a place to call home. It’s a place where questions are welcomed, grace is abundant, and heavy challenges are embraced.
Recently, I discovered an opportunity to get our mission out to more
people through a manifesto that I started drafting. It will include some favorite stories
from Wrecked, maybe a few new ones, and a longer version of our mission statement. In order for that to happen, however, I need your voice.
If you believe in the vision of Wrecked, you can vote for the Wrecked Manifesto proposal here and see the Wrecked for the Ordinary mission on ChangeThis, a website where anyone can share your thoughts and ideas and (if enough people like it) get it published as an e-book.
If you’re interested in contributing a story to the Wrecked manifesto, let me know.