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Help Stop Child Trafficking in Haiti

Child in Trafficking in Haiti Hi friends. I need you to pray.

We just found out that an orphanage in Haiti that we were working with has been corrupted. They were not using the money we sent them, and there are reports of children disappearing.

We've suspected this for awhile, but now we're certain: The children are being neglected, many in dire need of medical assistance, and some are being trafficked.

There are reports of physical and sexual abuse, and if we don't act quickly, it doesn't look good.

The Whole Story

Here's more from our executive director Seth Barnes:

Backed by corrupt government officials, an orphanage we work with in Haiti has been trafficking its orphans.

Suspecting foul play, we’ve been investigating for the last year. We’ve not been ready to go to the media until we had the facts.

As a result, the orphanage director is now in jail, but the 75 children left in the orphanage are still in danger.

A worker said, “The kids are in terrible condition — the doctor gave them some prescriptions, but we doubt that the medicine will ever be administered to the children. Instead, the medicine will probably be sold.”

The Facts

Here's what we know for sure:

  • Food gets donated to the orphanage, but disappears quickly. Children remain malnourished.
  • Reports by the children of physical abuse by orphanage workers.
  • Reports by the children of sexual abuse by orphanage workers.
  • Clothing when donated, instead of going to orphans, gets sold.
  • Dozens of children have disappeared.

Get Involved

Here's how you can help:

  • Sign this petition and share it with others.
  • Tweet this post using hashtags #cnnfreedom #endslavery & #not_for_sale
  • Contact any local or national media you know, asking them to run the story. We are trying to get CNN to cover the story. Contact me for more details and documentation.
  • Blog about this and encourage your readers to sign the petition.
  • Pray. (I believe this changes things.)
  • "Like" this on Facebook and get your friends involved.

Every voice counts. We can make a difference. This is real.