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How God Healed a Man in Nepal & Why It Affected Me

Every week, I get to hear incredible stories of how God is moving in the world. Too many to share, actually.

They remind me that as smart as I am, I only see in part.

They tell me that there is still a lot of mystery left in this world.

Most of all, they help me remember that healing is possible and rescue is coming.

As an example, take this story from Stephanie May, who recently got to pray for a deaf man in Nepal. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous:

This last weekend, the church we're partnering with had a man from Cameroon come and do what they called a Healing Crusade. It was basically a large church gathering where they prayed for healing for a lot of people.

I had never seen anything like this, so I didn't know what to expect.

Healing in Nepal

The first day, I was wandering around taking pictures of all the people, when the speaker asked if anyone wanted to be prayed for and wanted to accept Jesus and become a Christian.

I saw a man sitting on the ground, a large walking stick next to him, clearly unable to walk without an extreme amount of pain, raise his hand, but then after a few moments he put it back down… looking uncertain if he could get up and come to the front.

I stood their for a second arguing as I heard "Go help him!" in my head… and finally I gave in. I walked over to the man, and offered him my hand. He took it, and I helped him up. Bracing himself in between my arm and his walking stick, we slowly made our way to the front, where he accepted Christ and became a Christian.

A few minutes later, the man up front prayed for healing for the man… and I watched him lay down his walking stick and walk back and forth, strength and agility returning to him with each step.

The next day, I was wandering around taking pictures (again), and they invited people up to be prayed for healing. I saw a man being pushed forward by what looked to be his son, but he looked embarrassed and kept shying away, not wanting to go up.

Again, I heard God say, "Go pray for him!"

So I walked up to him and mimed to the best of my ability asking if I could pray for him. Good thing I mimed because not only did he not speak English, but he was deaf.

Having absolutely no idea what I was doing, I placed my hands over his ears and began to pray that God would open his ears.

Every few minutes, the man's entire body would begin to convulse, and so I held his head tighter, praying louder. I prayed for probably twenty minutes, until finally, something happened.

We mimed to him that somebody was going to go behind him and clap and that he was to copy whatever clap he heard.

Someone went a good eight feet behind him and clapped… the man clapped. (I looked around accusingly at the group that was circling us to make sure they didn't cheat and help him.) The person behind him clapped three times… and the man clapped three times.

He could hear.

God healed a completely deaf man… and I was the one who got to pray for him. I got to be a part of it.

I still cannot believe this.

Something amazing and miraculous has happened to me here in Nepal. I am new. I have confidence, joy and love radiating from my heart to the top of my head down to the bottoms of my flip-flops.

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This is but one of many stories I get to be a part of, thanks the work I do for Adventures in Missions — thanks to you for joining me on the journey.

I appreciate you for reading, sharing, supporting, praying, and all the other ways you contribute to my work here.

Thank you.

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song." —Psalm 28:7


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*Photo credit: Stephanie May