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How Short Term Mission Trips Grow and Change You

I just wrote a post on two reasons why you should go on a short-term mission trip.

The two reasons are:

  1. Short term mission trips teach you to pray (and listen).
  2. Short term mission trips expose you to God's kingdom.

When you step into a world of need in which spiritual things are much more present and evident than we sometimes care to admit in America, you are forced to depend on God in new ways.

On a mission trip, everything grows:

  • Your prayer life grows.
  • Your dependence on God grows.
  • Your compassion grows.
  • Your sensitivity grows.
  • Your questions grow.
  • Your passion grows.

And everything changes:

  • Your priorities change.
  • Your focus changes.
  • Your dreams change.
  • Your perspective changes.
  • Your attitude changes.
  • Your life changes.

How do short term mission trips grow and change you?