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Missions Video for Twenty-Somethings: Watch & Share!

World Race Mission Trip: Does your life seem small?Do you ever feel like you're missing out on life?

You might be.

Today, we're releasing this missions video for the World Race that poses that very question.

What if there was more to life?

What if you already knew it and just didn't know what to do with this desire?

This excellent and inspiring video tells a familiar story about a young man who feels like something's missing but doesn't quite know what it is. (To paraphrase John Mayer.)

I hope you'll share it with friends, family, and strangers, if it resonates with you. (Watch it at the bottom of this screen — or if you can't see it in your RSS feed or email, click here.)

The heart of our ministry is to raise up young revolutionaries of love intent on changing the world. A trip around the world is just the beginning of seeing that vision realized.

(The next step is to walk with them through seeing God's dreams come to life on earth, which is a project I've been involved with for the past several months, but that deserves another post.)

If you're 21-35 and looking for abundant life, this may be just the right opportunity for you — consider applying for the World Race.

I love the questions that the video implicitly raises:

  • Is your life too small?
  • Have you discounted yourself for greatness?
  • Have you opted out of abundant life?

Maybe it's time for a new start.



By the way, if you so feel led, I would love for you to help us get the word out about this today. You can share something like the following on Twitter or Facebook (or even re-post this onto your blog):

Does your life feel small? You are not alone:

And you can find out more about the World Race here.