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Nashville Flood: Everything Back to Normal?

It flooded in Nashville last weekend. I mean, like… Really. Bad. Flooding.

I have been struggling with finding the words to describe it.

Fortunately, I found this incredible video on Youtube, which does a much better job telling the story through images than my words possibly ever could.

It rained nearly 14 inches, which is over a quarter of our annual rainfall, in two days.

The Cumberland River flooded, homes were ruined, families had to be evacuated, and many businesses were shut down due to water damage.

Now, the waters have subsided, the sun has come out, and everything is back to normal… for me.

But everything is not back to normal for our friends who had a tree fall on their roof on Saturday.

Everything is not back to normal for the Hispanic couple whose neighbors are trying to exploit them for insurance purposes.

And everything is not back to normal for the thousands of people who didn't have flood insurance and whose houses are now in disrepair.

The good news is that there's hope. Nashville has been declared a disaster area, and aid organizations are rushing in to help.

If you're wondering how you can help, please begin by praying, and then read this post about ways to help Nashville.

Also, stay tuned to this blog, as I may have more to share on opportunities to help in more tangible, hands-on ways.