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New Year, New Blog?

I think that I blogged more and more consistently in 2010 than in any of the other four years of this blog's lifespan — nearly five times per week. That's a good run, but I need a break.

I'm going to spend this week, reflecting on what to do with this blog in 2011.

This past year had an unintentional theme of art and work (probably thanks to reading Linchpin). Also, my own personal spiritual journey was an emerging topic, as were innovation and inspiration, not to mention everything that happened with Haiti.

I want this week to be a time of gathering feedback and praying into how I can best use this blog in the new year. I need a new theme, a new direction even.

As I pause and reflect on how this blog has been used and how to use it in the future, I want to ask you:

What should I do with this blog in 2011?