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The Typical Thanksgiving Post

No, that wasn't a clever bait-and-switch title. This is your typical "I am grateful for…" Thanksgiving blog post.

I'm trying to learn to be more grateful in my life, so if you're looking for something snarky today, you won't find it. Sorry. (Not really.)

I am grateful for three things (I even got corny and used some alliteration): Love, Legacy, and Legit-ness

Love – I am so grateful for my wife of almost three years now and her unconditional love for me. I get to do life with my very best friend, learning and growing with her, every day. Marriage hasn't been as easy for us as some of our friends made it out to be, and I'm quite thankful for the fact that we have a whole life together to figure this thing out.

Legacy – I shared this with my church on Sunday, but I'm grateful for the legacy of faith that our small, but experienced, congregation shares. There is so much wisdom and passion in our multigenerational fellowship. I'm grateful for all of the experience represented in our group. It really is a beautiful picture of how younger and older generations can benefit from the unique gifts each brings to the Body of Christ.

Legit-ness (Yes, I could've said legitimacy and sounded intelligent, but I chose not to do do so.) – This just came to me one morning, as I was brushing my teeth. This whole "God thing" is real. It's not a myth or a fairy tale or something nice that we tell ourselves to feel better about dying. It's real. It's legit. And I love that.

I'm thankful to my God who has saved me from myself  – my own destructive patterns – and set me apart for a new life with him that doesn't begin up in the clouds, but here on earth.

What are you thankful for?