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The Wrecked Manifesto

We started Wrecked three years ago.
With all of the stories, articles, and discussions that this website has elicited, I still felt like we had something more to say.
So, I wrote a manifesto. I hope that it provokes new discussions, ideas, and questions.
Here's an excerpt:
Something is missing. Something important. Something necessary to making a difference in the world. And most are afraid to find out what it is.
This is a manifesto about the discovery process of finding what's missing. It's not as glamorous as a get-rich-quick scheme or as mystical as New Age spirituality. It doesn't shine with the veneer of a car salesman's suit or catch your eye like a pretty girl.
No, it more likely grabs your attention like a week-old bag of garbage sitting in the corner or piques your interest like nails on a chalkboard. Yes, it's hard, but it can't be denied.

Got an idea to spread? Try writing a manifesto for ChangeThis or a similar organization. I write more about this here.