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Top Ten Wrecked Posts of 2009

2009 was a pivotal year for Wrecked. We did a revamp of the site, including moving over to the domain I’ve been a catalyst for this community of “spiritual misfits” for nearly three years now (we launched at the end of January 2007).
WreckedIt’s had its share of up’s and down’s, but throughout the process, I’ve seen people encouraged and challenged through the conversations that have happened there. All in all, I’m proud of what it’s become, but I’m also re-evaluating the vision of the site, how well we’re accomplishing that, and how we can possibly change some things to better reach people with the message of being “wrecked for the ordinary.”
To give you an idea of some of the most popular articles from this year (some of which were written previous years, but are still generating interest), here are the top ten, most-visited posts:

10. Girls Watch Porn: An Interview With Crystal Renaud

Written by Wrecked for the Ordinary
Crystal Renaud began Dirty Girls Ministries in February of 2009
following a data-collection web campaign for her book concept.  Crystal
struggled with what many considered to be a male issue – pornography. 
But she soon discovered that she was not alone.

9. I’m Done With Playing Church
Written by Lorie Newman
This article is not only one of the most read of 2009, but one of the
most read of all time.  One of Wrecked’s more unique articles, author
Lorie Newman writes with a series of “I’m done…” statements about the
With 100 comments to date, you don’t want to miss this one.  What are you done with?
8. Homeless Jesus: Reflections from Brandt Russo, a Dumpster-Diving Evangelist
Written by Brandt Russo
What if Jesus meant what he said?
After picking up Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revoltuion, Brandt
Russo decided to give it a shot: to try to really, actually love the
least of these.  Like Jesus’ own disciples, he embraced what he calls
the “humiliation” of trusting God completely.
Read how that decision wrecked Russo and how he is beginning to trust a different church model than what is common in America.
7. It Had Flesh On It: A Day with Shane Claiborne

Written by Josh Casper
Author Josh Casper had the opportunity to spend a day with founder
of the Simple Way in Philadelphia and author of several books, Shane
Claiborne.  Casper learned of a phrase that Claiborne used when asked
about his opinion on several hot topics – “it had flesh on it.”
According to Claiborne, having flesh makes any issue personal and
emotional.  And this fact changed Casper’s world making him realize
that another world is possible.

6. Orphan the Movie: How an Orphan Changed My Life
Written by Carole Turner

In response to the release of the horror movie, Orphan, Carole
Turner responds by telling about how her life was changed by not just
one, but two orphans.  So impacted by her two adopted children, Turner
is looking into adopting again – but you may be surprised at who she
wants to adopt.
Would you do it?
Read the final top five from the Top 10 Posts of 2009 at Wrecked.