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Updates from My Recent Mission Trip to Puerto Rico

I went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico last week.

Puerto Rican Church

Here are some of the highlights:

The short of it was this: The Lord showed up. It rains every day during this season, and yet it never rained once while we were outside doing ministry.

The two groups from the States were inspired, encouraged, and challenged. Students worshiped and prayed like they had never before. I was spiritually rejuvenated myself.

The host church was a blessing. They showered us with love, encouragement, and friendship. Hands down, one of the best churches I've ever worked with, internationally.

I still have a few thoughts to post, so keep checking the blog this week to see what else God did in Puerto Rico.

Oh, and I definitely recommend that you visit some time. It's a beautiful island, full of great food, amazing historic sights, and gorgeous beaches.

Plus, God is doing some really neat stuff through the local church there, including raising up a generation of young people who are passionate about Christ.