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We Need More Power in Short-Term Missions

We need more power in Christian short-term missions.

What I mean by that is this: we need less of us, and more of God the Holy Spirit. We need to stop thinking that we have all the answers for the developing world (or "third world" as we sometimes pejoratively say), and ask God.

We need to humble ourselves.

We need to seek the Lord's face.

We need more power.

Our modern approach to short-term missions has failed. In many cases, our well-intentioned efforts have sadly resulted in a flacid form of ministry. Which doesn't look anything like how Jesus acted.

We build a house, say a prayer, and feel good about ourselves until next summer.

Is this really Christianity?

I have nagging feeling that God wants more from us and for us.

God's kingdom isn't built on cleverly-devised business plans (however, he can use those if he wants).

It's built on the prayers of the saints and, often, the blood of martyrs. His rule and reign is established supernaturally when we choose to reject the ways of the world and depend more wholly on him.

This means that, for some of us, we need to change the way we think about and actually do missions.

In short, we need to take more risks on mission trips.

We need to be okay with surrednering some of our schedule for some Spirit-led ministry.

Because in the midst of risk, we find faith.

And in faith, God is most pleased and glorified. (Plus, really cool stuff tends to happen.)