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Wrecked Update 10.15.08

New stuff at Wrecked, an online magazine for spiritual misfits. I recommend the touching poem in the Arts section and my interview with an old friend in the Adventure section. Thanks for reading!
In this issue:
A Second Serving by Dionne Kane
Recently, I asked my pastor a question that stopped him in his tracks.
It wasn’t the first time I’d done so, nor the second. It kind of makes
me laugh when I do this because there is this thing Pastor does when he
is trying to hide his own confusion. This hand -on -chin -nodding -head
-thing while looking all thoughtful and serious.
I find it ironic that Dan Meyers has a song titled “Lost for Words.”
Though I understand the sentiment,singer- songwriter Dan Meyers is
clearly gifted as a master of word craft. I first heard him speak at
Gospel Music Association Week’s Artist Symposium, in which he shared
with the likes of Steven Curtis Chapman, Phil Stacey, Alvin Slaughter,
and Rebecca St. James of various ways that artists are involved in
reaching out to their communities.

Did you know the moment you jumped
The sea roared, the mountains trembled,
The sky fell, and the earth crust was torn open.
Everything sank deep down and down in it and so did my heart.

I often picture Christianity like I picture the Sopranos, separate
families working exclusively for the betterment of themselves and no
one else. These “families” attempt to have their hands in every pocket,
and even train soldiers, enforcers and capos for the purpose of more
efficiently accomplishing these objectives, advancing the cause with
the precision of a bullet.
I once heard a story in which a magazine interviewed a popular,
evangelical theologian and asked him the question, “Who is the best
preacher in the world?” The theologian smirked and retorted, “You don’t
know him.” He went on to explain that the greatest minister out there
is probably someone in the jungles of some remote part of the world,
not seeking recognition for himself or herself, but living as a servant
to others, passionate about the salvation of souls.

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Come, magnify the Lord with me,And Let us exalt His Name together.
I will bless the Lord every day, and His praise will always be in my mouth. For He alone delivers. He alone hears my cry. He alone understands.